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Cost of private planes.

Operation of the aircraft, of course, is in close relation with the tasks it entrusts to the owner. Some of the important points we will cover in this section.

The aircraft can be used only for owner-private individual or Corporation. In this case, all annual expenses-and together they may constitute up to 10% of the cost of a new aircraft-borne by the owner. As a result, the price of a flight hours on his own plane for the owner often turns out to be significantly higher than the market value of the business hours of flight speeds, running commercial charter flight. At the same time, the total time the aircraft is smaller than in the case of commercial exploitation, which increases the cost of business jet on the secondary market.

However, from an economic point of view, the most effective it seems it is commercial exploitation of aircraft away from flight operations for the owner of the time. This not only helps to reduce ownership costs, but also gives the opportunity to make a profit. As a result, the plane could well stop being a financial burden, requiring substantial annual infusions. Here important is professionalism and ability to airlines, operating an aircraft, as well as the experience of successful sales business of Charter flights. Of course, the most competitive market price will be exactly those flights that run from the airport to the basing area on aircraft it is important, therefore, that the company had experience in the local market.

There is a contradiction between the number of commercial flights and maximum mobility the owner. That is, the bigger the plane commits commercial flights, the more likely a conflict with urgent plans of the owner. After all, the ideal business-jet should always stay ready, waiting for the team to depart from the owner. And again to emphasize the role of the operating airline, its professionalism, flexibility and speed of decision of this kind of issues. Typically, such conflicts can be avoided by a similar temporary rental of aircraft for either the owner or Charter passengers are ordered.


To perform owner maintenance aircraft available all certified technical centers in Europe and the world, regardless of the country of registration and status of Business Jet. Typically, the contract for the maintenance of the aircraft is immediately after the signing of the contract for the day-to-day management of the airline and before it is introduced in her testimony of the operator. Prices for service centers vary considerably on the market, the choice of the Centre may significantly impact and cost of services, both in the direction of increase and decrease.

The first 3-5 years of operation of the new aircraft are the most effective. Warranty on different nodes and units ranging from 2 to 5 years old, and sometimes more, years. Maintenance forms in this period are mainly to scrutiny and control of the work of all systems and parts of the plane, sometimes to rectify minor faults and factory flaws that do not require significant investment. In some cases it makes sense to invite independent experts to monitor the level and cost of maintenance, because the airline again here by an interested party, and often exhibited for this service account have an unhealthy and unjustified tendency to increase.

Aircraft owners who have a history of exploitation and significant plaque, should prepare for more substantial costs of maintenance. Manufacturers frequently update and introduce new aircraft maintenance program, trying to minimize expenses and owner.


The formation of the crew should also begin long before the introduction of aircraft into operation. On the training and certification of pilots on the aircraft type you selected require a lot of time and costs. When hiring Russian pilots sometimes necessary additional training and obtain the relevant certificates pilotskogo registration requirements in the country, which shall be entered in the register. And again, the extra time and expense. With the Russian flight pilot evidence may be admitted to the Office only when aircraft aircraft registration in an offshore zone and when there is tolerance for this type of aircraft. Usually, one crew training is included in the price of the aircraft, but usually it is not enough and you need at least one more interchangeable ingredients.

Crewing traditionally carries out an airline with extensive experience and necessary skills. However, the strict control by the owner seems indispensable, because it depends on the crew comfort and safety. The same, equally applies to the selection of flight attendants.

Service and security.

Quality of service and level of security, of course, must meet the highest requirements, because this is one of the main benefits of business aviation. On the level of service, manner of work with the client, the first thing to look for when choosing an airline. On the quality of its services, you can make a completely fair opinion on the results of implementation of Charter flights. However, the future owner of a private aircraft, certainly has the experience in the use of the services of a Business Charter and, often, already decided on preferences to the choice of airline.



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